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Nutrition Information
Argan oil is very nutritious. It contains 80% unsaturated fatty acids and is rich in tocopherols, sterols and squalenes
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Argand'Or culinary Argan Oil
Argand'Or culinary Argan Oil at a glance
Argan oil is made from wild-harvested Argan nuts which grow on tertiary Argan trees.  The primordial tree is extinct except for a small area in North Africa’s Maghreb region called “Arganeraie”, a designated Biosphere Reserve protected by UNESCO.  Local Berber women cooperatives, true artisans who use only traditional production methods, partnered with ARGAND'OR of Germany to produce Argan oil of highest quality. Only the best nuts are selected for the oil.  The production process is entirely manual – from the cracking of the nuts to mild roasting for an outstanding taste to the hand-pressing in traditional stone mills. ARGAND’OR Argan Oil is 100% organic, pure and a product of fair trading practices.  It is the only gourmet quality hand-pressed Argan Oil available in the United States.
Gourmet Oil
Argand'Or Argan oil has a distinct delectable taste with wide variety of uses. It is a perfect flavoring oil for Salads and Vinaigrettes, Hors d’oeuvres, Hot and cold Soups and Stews, Grilled Vegetables, Fish and Seafood, Pasta Dishes, Breakfast Spreads.
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Argand’Or Argan Oil is available in selected Natural Food Stores, Coops and Gourmet Stores across the country as well as online in our webstore. 
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