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Only ten years ago, Argan oil was barely known outside of Morocco, the only country where Argan trees grow. Since then, the oil has become a key ingredient in many beauty products, thanks to high levels of anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Today, consumers use fast absorbing Argan oil directly on face and body to moisturize and nourish sensitive skin or to revitalize and protect their hair. During the last decade, many American and European manufacturers of beauty products added Argan oil to their formulations. In fact, there are now whole lines of beauty products based on Argan oil.
Members of our production partners, the Al Amal women co-operative, planting an Argan tree in Ighrem, Morocco
Photo copyright © Argand'Or
World Artisan Guild 
Importing Premium Quality Argan Oil for Face, Skin and Hair since 2007

The World Artisan Guild Difference
World Artisan Guild was one of the first companies to bring organic Argan oil to the USA. Since 2007, we import Argan oil, sustainably produced by women co-operatives of the Argan forest. Our Argan oil is of the highest quality.
We guarantee that World Artisan Guild Argan oil is:
-Cold-pressed from fresh seeds
-Sustainably produced by local women co-operatives

We provide exceptional quality: Every batch of Argan oil we import exceeds the strict Moroccan government standards for extra-virgin Argan oil.

World Artisan Guild is America's leading supplier of women co-op produced Argan oil. We supply bulk volumes to many leading ethical companies of the natural beauty industry. 
Effective immediately, we offer smaller quantities of our high quality Argan oil to the general public at wholesale prices. Consumers can place orders from one ounce up to one quart conveniently in our online store:

Click here to order Argan oil in our online store. 

Please call or email us if you are interested in larger bulk volumes.
We invite you to browse our website to learn more about Argan oil and the wonderful women of the Al Amal Argan co-operative who sustainably produce our oil.

Argan Oil for All at Wholesale Prices!
Unfortunately, the booming demand for Argan oil has not always helped the indigenous population of the Argan forest. Large industrial oil presses flood the world market with mass produced Argan oil, often of questionable quality. This oil, used as ingredient in many Argan products for its cheap price, does not benefit the local population. Indigenous women co-operatives, which spearheaded the Argan movement and are the true stewards of the Argan forest, have been sidelined and excluded from the Argan boom.  Clever advertising for Argan products sold in North America and Western Europe suggest that these benefit rural women of Morocco – unfortunately, most often with very little truth to it.

World Artisan Guild LLC
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Toll Free: (877) 217-5964
World Artisan Guild Argan oil is available in various bottle sizes and bulk containers starting at one fluid ounce
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Pure, cold-pressed Argan oil for face, skin and hair.
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Morocco's protected Argan forest. 
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Argan Oil sustainably made by Women Co-ops
Free Shipping for orders over $50 within the USA
Both new formulations use women co-op produced Argan oil as a base, providing all the Argan benefits for the skin many consumers have come to rely on. The products are housed in a UV protected glass Roll-on bottle for safe and easy application. Absorbs quickly.
1/3 fl oz. $9.95.

Why Argan Oil from World Artisan Guild? 

- Highest quality available: extra-virgin and cold-pressed from selected Argan seeds
- Certified organic, wild harvested and minimally processed
- Sustainably made by the Al Amal Women's cooperative of Southern Morocco
- Direct import keeps our prices down: Premium quality at low cost!

Argan Moisturizing Hand Oil is blended with organic lavender essential oil. These two plants are powerhouses of moisturizing and soothing for dry, chap and rough skin. The fast absorbing Argan oil carries the lavender oil deep into the skin, nourishing the epidermis. 

Argan Protective Nail Oil supports healthy nails and cuticles. Argan oil is blended with organic Lemon essential oil to help protect against fungus and microbes. The Nail Oil strengthens damaged cuticles just in time for the summer

Our Best Selling pure Argan oil is now available in handy one ounce dropper bottles

The one ounce Argan dropper bottle is an ideal travel companion. Only $13.90 in our webstore