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Anti-aging power of Argan oil:
USDA certified organic Argan oil and natural anti-aging skin care products from Argand'Or - free shipping* in our online store

Argand'Or Argan oil, the superb gourmet oil, hand-crafted by experienced artisans who use traditonal production techniques to provide the world with the finest flavoring oil. This oil, rich in essential fatty acids and nutrients, is gently cold pressed using only traditional stone mills. Thus, the flavor components and nutrients such as anti-oxidants and phytosterols remain fully intact. Due to the unparalleled quality and taste, hand-crafted Argand'Or Argan oil is the choice of American and international gourmet chefs who use Argan oil in a wide variety of culinary sensations.
In 2005, just weeks after introduction to the European market, Argand'Or Argan oil won the prestigious "Product of the Year Award" at BioFach, the world's leading trade show for organic foods. In addition, Argand'Or Argan oil has recently received the “Superior Taste Award 2007” from the International Quality and Taste Institute and the "TASTE07" award of Anuga, the world's largest food trade event .
The Argan nuts of Argand'Or Argan oil come from wild growing Argan trees, never treated with chemicals. Only selected kernels of the best quality are used for making our oil. Different to conventional Argan oils, artisan hand-pressed Argand'Or Argan oil is USDA organic certified. Every batch is analysed for quality, purity and taste in a USDA certified facility in Germany.
The U.C.F.A. Berber women’s cooperatives work closely together with Argand'Or GmbH, a German company founded by Engineer Mohamed El Karz, which provides strict quality control and bottles Argand'Or Argan oil in an USDA certified and Ecocert inspected facility in Germany. Argand'Or of Germany is a socially responsible company, pays fair trade prices well above market and supports the U.C.F.A. cooperatives in development and education initiatives.
Argand'Or Argan oil is produced by true artisans. Bucking the trend towards mechanical mass extraction of Argan oil, a group of Berber women of the UNESCO protected Arganeraie, the only region where Argan trees grow, formed cooperatives to jointly produce the oil entirely by hand. These twenty-two rural cooperatives, unified under the U.C.F.A. (Union des Cooperatives des Femmes de l'Arganeraie) enable women who have perfected the artisan hand-creation of Argan oil from generation to generation over centuries to use their craft to produce Argan oil of highest quality. The U.C.F.A. cooperatives are dedicated to keeping the ancestral art of hand-making this world heritage food in its entirety alive. Thus, these indigenous Berber women create a genuine Argan oil no machine can.
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Sustainability in the Maghreb:
U.C.F.A. and Argand'Or kick-off major Argan reforestation project.
During the next years, the U.C.F.A. will plant more than ten thousand Argan trees in Morocco's semi-arid Arganeraie, helping to save the endangered Argan forest in this UNESCO protected Biosphere Reserve
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The artisan production, the scrupulous selection of Argan nuts, the gentle hand pressing and strict quality control result in a gourmet Argan oil of unparalleled quality and taste!
Hand-crafted organic Argand'Or Argan oil - a delectable gourmet oil, full of taste and rich in nutrients and anti-oxidants is now available in the United States

Food & Wine Magazine, one the most influential publications in America's culinary scene, calls Argand'Or Argan oil the "Favorite Moroccan Export". Argand'Or, the world's leading gourmet quality Argan oil, is sold in specialty food stores and on the web in our online store.

World Artisan Guild introduces a line of natural skin care products, all based on organic Argan oil produced by the U.C.F.A. women cooperatives of Morocco. This skin care line includes three deeply moisturizing anti-aging products: Argand'Or Face Cream, Argand'Or Body Lotion and pure cosmetic Argand'Or Argan oil with proven anti-aging properties. The cosmetic Argan oil is 100% pure, virgin and certified USDA organic. Both skin care formulations, Argand'Or Face Cream and Argand'Or Body Lotion are certified natural by BDIH. All three products are dermatologically tested safe and free of mineral oil based ingredients, parabens, synthetic fragrances and synthetic colors.
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People Magazine "demistifies" Argan oil:
Titled "Argan Oil - From Morocco to Hollywood's red carpet, this ultramoisturizing agent beautifies all over", People Magazine dedicates one page to the benefits of Argan oil in the July 12, 2010 issue of the popular magazine. The Beauty Watch - Trend Spotting column quotes a cosmetic dermatologist, who describes Argan oil as anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant. Furthermore, the column points out benefits of Argan oil for hair and skin.

Cosmetic Argand'Or Argan oil is of highest quality and the only fairly traded USDA certified organic Argan oil for skin and hair available in the United States.
Reforestation: Argan tree seedling
Argand'Or cosmetic Argan oi for hair and skin:
- 100% pure
- cold-pressed from raw Argan seeds
- certified USDA organic
- highest food grade quality
- fairly produced by the UCFA
women cooperatives of
Southern Morocco
- no additives, fragrances or any
other artificial ingrediens

Argand'Or cosmetic Argan oil, sustainably produced by women cooperatives!
Pure Argan Facial Soap
Try our Argand'Or Facial soap, made from organic Argan oil, Olive oil, Coconut oil and Palm oil. 3.9 oz for $14.99, includes shipping within the USA and Canada. Ideal for the sensitive facial skin.
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Did you know?
Most Argan oil is industrially produced by large private companies, not benefiting rural women!
Learn more about the U.C.F.A. women cooperatives, sustainable, Fair Trade production of Argan oil and the struggle of the Argan women cooperative movement in a highly competive environment.
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Argand'Or in Travel & Leisure Magazine
Our gourmet culinary Argan oil was featured in the May 2012 issue of Travel + Leisure Magazine.  To quote this popular magazine: "The floral tasting product isn't just for beauty miracles; it's also said to lower blood pressure and cholesterol" We couldn't agree more!

To quote the Journal: "When your are making simple salads like these, with only a few ingredients, it's important to buy the best". To read the article on the Wall Street Jounal website, please follow this link: Fresh Flavorful Israeli Salads

Argand'OrArgan oil in the Wall Street Journal
Our culinary Argan oil is featured in the June 29, 2013 Weekend edition of the Wall Street Journal. In an article on Chef Michael Solomonov, America's leading interpreter of Israeli cusine, Argand'Or Argan oil is featured as important part of the toolkit for his signature Salatim dishes - fresh, flavorful Israeli salads with culinary influences from all over the Jewish diaspora.
Foto by J Varney, The Wall Street Journal